Sunday, May 26, 2013

Paleo Prep Day

We had a "chill out" day on this chilly day, (a reprieve from both lax and rugby games over the holiday weekend). It was quite cold (for a ride), which seems kind of funny considering I rode all winter. Somehow, 45 degrees heading into June feels a lot colder than 28 degrees in February.

Since we didn't have a mad schedule today, I took my time organizing our weekly meal prep, (which I do every Sunday at a frenzied pace.) Following a paleo/primal diet requires a bit of prep work as we head into the week. With everyone's crazy schedules, its important to make healthy food options as convenient as possible. (It's not hard to make a quick stir fry, (with a side of cauliflower rice), when the veggies and protein are already cut up, ready to go.

All prepped for the week ahead: Salads with grilled chicken, cut veggies for stir fry, hard boiled eggs, pumpkin-cranberry-carrot muffins, (non-paleo blueberry muffins for the boys), 2 versions of my go-to paleo apricot energy bars (one cranberry, the other, dark chocolate chip), cauliflower rice, chopped veggies for curry, sliced strawberries, cut watermelon, sliced & frozen bananas, Chip's sports drink, and a small batch of broccoli detox salad.

The end result of me taking my time today, unlike most Sundays? I did not lose an entire batch of muffins by dropping them on the floor after burning myself, (as I did 2 weeks ago)... or slice my finger open while dicing sweet potatoes, (last week's mishap.) I could defintely use more chill days