Wednesday, April 17, 2013

EOD Dispatched to Boston

Boston Police Bomb Squad
Alex Trautwig/Getty Images
A sad coincidence to the events that happened on Monday, (and then I'll stop writing about this, because it doesn't help emotionally.) I started letting people know last week that I planned to take on the ride for the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation. I met with my new training coach, (more on that here), and let friends know what my ride plans were -- and most responded, "What's EOD?"

Yesterday, a friend texted me noting the repeated references to EOD in the news. Units were dispatched around the city Monday to deal with possible bomb threats -- and a Navy EOD team arrived in Boston yesterday to help with the investigation. She wrote, "I didn't know what EOD was until you told me about the ride... and I never thought something like this would hit so close to home."

Honestly, neither did I.