Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Our "Annual" St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Ride turned into a breakfast rather than a ride on Saturday. On Friday night, I received a bunch of messages from folks telling me it was too cold to ride. Even Ethan sent me an email to say it was too early and too cold.*

I didn't really want to ride alone. Ed and I exchanged emails and agreed to touch base in the morning -- but at 7 am when I spoke to him, I learned he's been fighting an ear infection. Knowing the (27 degree) cold would probably make it worse, we decided to drive to the airport to meet the rest of the 'paths for breakfast. It was nice to see folks and catch up on the latest news. Bruce even made it to breakfast and we talked about bikes for a while. Who happened to show up on his bike? Ethan. Of course. *Damn, him! 

My rides were mostly indoors this week with some weight training and core work thrown in. I had a quick 20 mile loop through Marblehead and Salem on Wednesday that ended with a flat in my own neighborhood. (Thanks, Salem Cycle, for the quick fix.) This weekend has been a little lazy... though Nancy's spin class at the Y was rockin' the Irish music this morning. Fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day!