Saturday, February 16, 2013

More of the White Stuff

Seriously... my patience with winter is wearing thin. I touched based with faithful frostbiters Ethan and Ed this week to see if either would brave the salt-sand-ice encrusted roads this morning. E-man was heading north for some skiing and Ed is battling a cough, so I knew I was on my own. (Frostbite candidate Anne is off climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. For real. I have cool friends.)

I woke up to dry roads and decided to grab a quick cup of coffee before bundling up and heading out for a solo ride. Coffee in hand, I looked out my kitchen window to see a single large snow flake float down in front of me. "Huh.", I thought. "That was random." I stepped away from the window to finish my coffee, and before I knew it, the snow was flying. OMG, I can't stand it! I just wanted a simple ride! Another Frostbite Ride postponed... (Will have to take it indoors this weekend.)