Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzaster* Approaching

We're stuck indoors this weekend as winter gives us a good dumping of snow. We've had big storms before, and this one will be no different, but I'm already feeling some anxiety. The ski bus to Ragged Mountain was cancelled tomorrow, so the boys will be home all weekend. (They've hunkered down with recharged iPods, laptops and a stack of PlayStation games. Heaven forbid they read a book.) So why my anxiety? Well, I'm on Day 18 of a Whole30 (Paleo) Challenge, (a nutritional "reset", if you will) and girl scout cookies arrived on Monday. I've been really good about staying committed to the Whole30 -- no grains, dairy, processed food, etc. -- but I'm nervous about being stuck in the house all weekend with boys and cookies. It's going to be a tough one. And no riding on Saturday on top of it all. Arrghhh.....

So I went to the Y this morning to clear my head -- a 55 minute spin class, followed by 5,000 meters of rowing. (I hadn't done any rowing since the Tri.) I ran into my friend Ana, who'd noticed I'd been at the gym for a while. She asked, "Are you afraid to go home?!" I looked around and saw three other moms on the fitness floor and replied, "Aren't we all?!" (Just waiting for the snow...)

*Blizzaster coined for the impending storm by the talented William Noble.