Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tri Inside the Y - Week 3

As week three of my Ironman Challenge wraps up, I'm in good shape to meet my goals. To no surprise, I met and surpassed my cycling commitment on Tuesday, nearly three weeks early with 185 miles currently logged in. (I needed 112 for the Tri.) Easy, peasy. On Friday, I ran into my friend Una at the Y, working to get in her cycling miles on the Expresso bike. Una is a runner and hates cycling... whereas I hate running and love the bike. Biking gets you somewhere. (I'd rather head out for a 20 mile ride than go for a run. When I run, I'm bored after a mile.) Needless to say, Una is a little behind in her cycling commitment while I need to tick away at my running. I still have 10 miles to go. Fortunately, we have a treadmill at home which I can hop on to get in a mile here and there during the week. (It's supposed to rain.)

I focused on my rowing this week, increasing my resistance a little, and upping my time on the machine to reach 4,800 meters each workout. (Roughly 25 minutes.) I hope to increase it to 5,000 meters per workout. I have a little more than 16,000 meters to go. It's all good.