Friday, December 7, 2012

Tri Inside the Y Ironman Challenge - Week 2

The fitness challenge at the Y has been going well so far. I'm well ahead of my cycling goal, which is no surprise. On just the spin bikes alone, (not including Frostbite Rides), I'm averaging 60 miles each week. I should be finished with the cycling portion of the Tri on Tuesday, three weeks early.

I'm a little behind in the running, but will try and catch up this weekend... I'm not too worried about it. The rowing, however, is killing me! 25 minutes of rowing only nets me 4,000 meters.. I need to squeeze in an extra day of rowing somewhere and increase my resistance if I'm going to catch up. (I had a feeling that the rowing would be my downfall.)

A rainy weekend ahead -- tomorrow's Cyclopath Frostbite Ride will likely be cancelled.