Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello, PMC Riders

At the PMC Check presentation last weekend, a stranger looked at my name tag and asked me how I've been doing since the crash. I was a little perplexed until she mentioned she reads my blog! I know many people come to this site by way of the PMC, or Google, or the North Shore Cyclopaths blog, (which I also write.) Many of you are fundraising and training for the PMC.

My training is probably on par with so many other PMC riders. I'm not obsessed with miles or stats or the latest gear. I hate gels and bars and goop, (though loved Stinger waffles). Until recently I wasn't interested in the Tuesday Night Crit... until Ethan mentioned it. I kinda suck at pacelines. My weight has gone up and down and up again, (currently it's down) -- along with my hematocrit (which is currently up!) I've had good PMC rides and bad PMC rides -- from the 191 mile ride down to the virtual ride. I've also had emotional rides following the deaths of dearest friends. (The PMC is very personal to me.) Through it all, I've met some amazing people and have received incredible support from so many of you. I'm happy to know there are people out there reading this and following my training, (we PMC riders share a special bond), but know that the fundraising mission comes first for me -- and the cycling second. There will always be room for improvement as far as my training goes and I don't take it too seriously. (I am a North Shore Cyclopath, after all.) If you see me out there on the road, feel free to introduce yourself! I love meeting new people and I thank you for reading!