Saturday, November 10, 2012

Frostbite Ride, Week One

This morning I headed out in my best ninja disguise, bundled up for an early morning Cyclopath frostbite ride. Wearing Mike's balaclava, (which was just waaay too big), I struggled to keep it from slipping down my face to no avail. By the time I made it to Salem, the damn thing inched down over my eyes to the point where I could barely see. Of course I was greeted with a few chuckles as I pulled into our meeting spot. Nice that I can always be a source of entertainment to my cycle-mates.

After readjusting a few things, (replacing the stubborn balaclava with a headband), four of us headed north towards Boxford with ambitious intentions. I felt comfortable riding -- though a little chubby. Between the silk base layer, winter cycling tights, several pairs of socks, an Under Armour, thermal cycling jacket, my nifty new lobster claw gloves, and a ski shell, I was prepared for the cold! (Maybe too prepared.) Two others in our foursome weren't as cozy, however, and by the time we reached North Beverly, we reconsidered our plans to head to Boxford. Instead, we landed at The Depot Diner for a hot cup of coffee and a warm breakfast. Back to Salem by 9:00, the temperature ticked up a degree to 45, and I finished the morning just shy of 20 miles. Not too bad for my first attempt at winter riding.