Friday, July 6, 2012

No Concussions in Swimming

It's been almost a week since the crash and I'm still dealing with the remnants of my concussion. The fog has cleared and the headaches aren't as intense as they were in the early days of the accident, but I'm still fighting off lingering low-grade headaches. I'm going to try a lemon-ginger water that Drew has suggested to ease the pain.

All of this -- the headaches, memory loss, difficulty concentrating -- have me rethinking the contact sports my boys play -- football and lacrosse. I know neither will give up the sports they love, but I wouldn't mind if they spent more time on the sidelines than they do in the game! (Perhaps Coach Quigley could lure the boys into joining swim team year-round. No injuries there.)

Training is on hold for now. Hoping to get something going next week with the Y spin bikes -- where I don't need the use of my hand. Will hopes to hook up with Ethan for a ride next week before heading off to Patrick Chung Football Academy (with Chip). Concussion, broken hand?... No excuses. We have a PMC on the horizon!