Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crash and Burn (Road Burn)

We had a terrific day for a ride yesterday. 10 Cyclopaths plus friend, Joe, joining us for the first time. Steve-Bob and Drew lead us up back roads from Larch Row through Beverly, Hamilton and Wenham to Ipswich. It was a fantastic route! In Ipswich, Ethan headed back for his Mhead Cycle gig while Jeff and Joe ventured on for more miles. The rest of the gang headed to breakfast at Stone Soup, delicious as always. (Arlene got a single pancake and sat next to me. See... my memory is coming back!)

THE CRASH... So, after breakfast, Arlene and Steve Bob continued up to Rowley while Drew, Gail, Will, Donna and I took the Mill Road route out of Ipswich through Wenham, with the group separating in Beverly. Near the Cummings Center, (I remember the fountain!), I motioned for Will to get between me and Donna... And then I remember my head slamming the pavement. Hard. I also remember an ambulance... and wondering where Steve Bob* came from (?)... and Donna giving me a hot blanket in the ER... Fortunately, Will filled me in on the rest... and Arlene* took pictures! (THAT just makes me smile.)

Except for the concussion, memory loss, bruises, pavement burn and a broken hand (!), it was a pretty awesome ride and a glorious summer day! LOL

*Apparently Steve-Bob and Arlene caught up to the crash scene while heading back from Rowley.