Saturday, September 10, 2011

Double Lost Route, Great Pumpkin Ride

We had a fantastic ride on Saturday -- a gorgeous September morning. The end of summer brings crisper air and great cycling. We had 13 riders on Saturday, including Maureen, John and Alanna O'Grady, (Alanna back from her x-country trip for Habitat for Humanity. Way to go, Alanna!) Ducky met us in Beverly (with the O'Grady's), joining Arlene, Gail, Donna, The Queen, Sheldon, Ethan, Tam, Jack, Margie, and guest rider Spence as they crossed the Salem-Beverly bridge. We rode together (and throughout the morning) regrouping at several stops along the way. After Topsfield center, a few ventured off down the lost route in Boxford, rejoining the others at the Boxford General Store. (Sheldon was the first to arrive to breakfast by bike -- while Drew arrived by car!) We welcomed new friend Spence to the group, visiting the North Shore from New Jersey, and all had a great breakfast. (We love the Boxford General Store!) It was a traditional Cyclopath ride -- No one was dropped, lost, or fell too far behind. Passing cyclists on the road were in good spirits, and the sight of giant pumpkins reminded us that fall is definitely around the corner. A great day and a great ride!

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