Saturday, August 13, 2011

Post-PMC Ride

We had a terrific post-PMC ride to Manchester on Saturday, with a dozen riders heading out of town, including Margie, Jack, Sheldon, Lucy, Drew, Gail, Donna, Laurie and Av on the tandem, Arlene, Tam and Ducky! With warm temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and lots of laughs, it doesn't get any better.

Breakfast at the Beach Street Cafe was c-c-c-cold, (their AC was unnecessary), but the breakfast and hospitality is always great so we forgive them. After breakfast, Arlene and Jack headed off for longer rides while the rest of the pack headed up to Singing Beach. After some off-key singing by the group, Margie tried as hard as she could to get the sand to sing... to no avail. Heading back, we largely stuck together as we made our way down the rough back roads of Beverly. As we approached the Salem-Beverly Bridge, Arlene rejoined the group! Wahoo! Eleven riders headed out of Salem together with ten returning. A great day!