Monday, August 1, 2005

Final Weekend before the PMC

On Saturday I rode 50 miles to Gloucester/Twin Lights and back. At this point, a 50 mile ride is pretty easy and just what I needed for a pre-PMC warm-up. (No need to over do it.) Looking back at last year at this time, I was doing more 70 mile rides before August, but the rainy spring and late start put my training behind by a month. Still, I finished the ride last Saturday feeling strong, and I'm confident about this weekend's ride. I was actually in better shape last year at this time, (and ten pounds lighter), but had been sick with a cough and cold the entire week leading up to the ride. (It was not a pretty picture.) This year I feel great and can't wait for Saturday to arrive!

My fundraising has gone well and I've met my minimum. My personal goal is to raise $4,000, which, combined with last year's fundraising, would bring my total to $10,000 raised for The Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber in 2 years. I am a little short of my personal goal, but very grateful (and relieved) to reach the minimum. (Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me! You are the best!

The weather looks to be hot and steamy over the upcoming weekend. I'm hoping for the wind at my back all the way to Bourne.