Sunday, July 31, 2005

PMC Night at Fenway

Last night, Mike and I attended Pan-Mass Challenge Night at the Red Sox-Twins game, joining our friends, Steve and Meg. We had the best time! We missed the PMC party at Avalon, but were able to get into the ballpark early (thanks to a friend of Steve's) to watch batting practice from the Green Monster. I must say that sitting in the Green Monster seats at Fenway Park is the best. Definitely worth the big bucks.

Following batting practice, and then working our way through the crowded concourse to get chowder from Legal's, (I was starving!!), we made our way to our seats in right field to watch the pre-game PMC ceremonies. It was really fun to see a team of PMC riders come out onto the field prior to the game, flanking home plate -- and then see the PMC logo painted on the Green Monster. (I also saw Cyclopath- Little Dave at the game!)

The game itself was great. I must admit that I was a little anxious when rumors began circulating that Manny Ramirez had been traded to the Mets. (He was originally in the line-up, and then scratched from the game.) It was nice to see Gabe Kapler out in right field (for injured Trot Nixon), but I love Manny and don't want to see him leave Boston. (I still miss Pedro!) During the second inning we began hearing conflicting reports (he had been traded... the deal fell through...etc..) it wasn't until we got home that we learned he was still with the team.

The Red Sox won - the weather was perfect - we had a great night. Next weekend: PMC!