Thursday, April 20, 2023

Year 10, 30 Days of Biking: 2/3 Done

April 15, Spring Book Sale at the Abbot Library
It was a heavy haul

April 16, Rainy ride to Phillips Beach

April 17, Beware of Attack Seagull
More fog and mist today

April 18, Coffee ride to Beverly
with a stop at the House of Hot Sauce

April 19, Blue Bikes Boston
Meandering around City Hall Plaza

April 20, Early morning ride to Manchester

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Year 10, 30 Days of Biking, Week 2: Sunshine!

April 8, Peeps!

April 9, Easter sunrise, coffee at the beach

April 10, Marblehead Wildlife Conservancy
(Locked bike up outside)

April 11, Low tide, Little Harbor, Gerry Island

April 12, Taco ride! Stopped to admire the flowers

April 13, Nahant Wharf

April 14, Front Street Coffeehouse, Salem

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Year 10, 30 Days of Biking: Week 1

Year 10, The Final Chapter
Day 1, A rainy start

Day 2, Stopping by Commercial St Dock

Day 3, Special Delivery! To the post office.

Day 4, Art Tripping, Lynn
With coffee at Land off Thousand Hills

Day 5, Crocker Park, Marblehead

Day 6, I bought the pillow, of course
Coffee stop (and whoopie pie) at Shubies

Day 7, Making a stop at Stowaway Sweets

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Winter Wrap-Up, PMC Winter Cycle

March 13: Nor'easter brewing
Red Skies in Morning, Sailors take warning

Winter is over! Woot woot! We had a relatively mild winter with very little snow, but the monotonous gray days seemed endless. February and March were a long haul, and I took a break from the blog. Kathy came out to ride the PMC Winter Cycle on the coldest weekend of the year. We had a great time riding for a great cause, raising over $1,250 for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute between us. Many, many thanks to our sponsors!

Feb 4th: -8F degrees at Fenway Park

The dry winter allowed for some riding, but not in the same vein as in the past. I've yet to ride more than 15 miles on the bike this winter -- especially since I spend more time on the mountain bike than road bike. I'm making good use of the treadmill, however, and hope to be running again this spring.

Thirty Days of Biking began today!  This will be my tenth and final year riding this challenge. Ten years ago, these April rides were folded into many of my coached training rides as I prepared for different events. Long distance endurance rides were my jam back then. These days, I'm just riding for the coffee stop. Lol.

It was a rainy start to Year 10. I'll post photos in batches as I go along. Twenty-nine more rides to go.

Feb 22nd: A spring-like day in February