Tuesday, April 23, 2024

April! 30 Days of Biking? Not this year

April 1, 2024 30 Days of Biking
The month of April, for ten years, always meant 30 Days of Biking for me... rain or shine. I have to say it wasn't always joyful. I planned to retire after last year's season... and have pretty much stuck to that decision... but did venture out on the bike the first few days of April... until the weather turned. I did not feel compelled  to ride in our early April snow.

Both biking and running have taken a back seat to my garden plans this Spring. My body aches from some of the heavy lifting I've been doing while building new garden beds. (I'm definitely feeling my age these days.) I'm still contemplating riding one day of the PMC this year, and possibly a few 5Ks in the fall. Of my pack of girlfriends, only Amy and Jennifer are training for any big events this year, so there is very little peer pressure. We'll all head to Lake Placid in July for Jennifer's 25th Ironman.

Not 30 Days of Biking, Library haul
We've had a lot of rainy days, which isn't great for riding but good for the garden. I'm waiting to see what perennials return, and have taken over Chip's bedroom as a seed starting station. I had decided to cut back on my vegetable garden this year and instead turn the beds into cut flower gardens, (dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, etc). But then I ordered three varieties of pumpkins and squash, so I needed to build a few more beds. I finished building one bed on Friday, and then 11 pounds of seed potatoes showed up over the weekend. My plans to cut back this year have been smashed. Clearly I was feeling overly ambitious in January when I ordered five varieties of potatoes. I've gotten out for a handful of rides the last two weeks when the weather has been nice, but my garden has taken over April so far.

Not 30 Days of Biking, Solar eclipse and
nerdy paper glasses