Wednesday, January 31, 2024

1/12th of 2024

Time for the lobster claw gloves

January is always a good for a reset. After a packed December with family and friends, including hosting a few gatherings -- and having both boys home at the same time, which meant more cooking and meals -- I was happy to get back on track with healthier eating and a regular workout routine. Donna and I did a juice cleanse, which was interesting. I'm not sure I felt cleansed when it was done, but it did help me mentally break away from the excess of the holidays. 

Coffeenurring '23 patch arrived!
The weather has been rather depressing, and I've only been out on the bike a handful of times since the new year started. Since I have a PMC Winter Cycle coming up in March (with my sister-in-law Kathy Grant), I've been getting on the trainer a few days a week just to get in some saddle time. The winter cycle is a spin event, so I don't need to train for it, but it's a good motivator to get on the trainer. 

It's been a month of ups and downs, but we're navigating through it. Fortunately, sprinkled in with the sad and frustrating moments was a University of Michigan WIN in the college football championships, (both boys are Michigan Wolverines); Last fall's Coffeeneuring 2023 patch arrived! So fun! (Always be Coffeeneuring!); Will accepted an offer at Tufts Medical School to pursue his DPT; and we completed a hardwood flooring project which disrupted the house for a while but wrapped up on Monday. It looks so awesome. 

It's been a long month. Im ready to flip the calendar to February.

It's good to be a Michigan Wolverine