Friday, October 27, 2023

Coffeeneuring Ride 4, Summer in Fall!

All the colors

It doesn't get much nicer than today's summery day in late October! Last week it was so raw and chilly, we came close to turning on the heat in the house. Today, the temps outside hit 76 degrees! Crazy weather! I took a trail ride into town with a side detour to Hawthorn Pond. We still have a lot of green trees for this time of year, but there are pockets of autumn colors here and there.

I dipped over to Java Sun for an iced chai (with almond milk) and a pistachio biscotti, which looked yummy but sadly was very dry and short on flavor. Once-upon-a-time, this was one of my favorite coffee shops, but lately it's been hit or miss. 

Three coffee-dedicated rides to go, and I'm on track to actually finishing the Coffeeneuring Challenge on time this year! (Last year I needed the bonus day when I misread my calendar -- a few years I've finished on the last day.) I don't want to jinx it, but I'm feeling optimistic.

Coffeeneuring Ride 4, Java Sun