Sunday, October 15, 2023

Coffeeneuring 2023, Ride 2, Saturday Sun

Coffeeneuring Ride 2, The Blue Canoe

We lucked out with the weather this weekend, which was originally forecast to be a washout. I took advantage of the limited early sunshine and biked to The Blue Canoe in Marblehead where my sister Donna joined me for coffee. We then located a bike rack a block and a half away, locked up my bike, and walked downtown to do some art shopping. 

We headed first to the Artisans Fall Festival at the Jeremiah Lee Mansion -- which was ok but lacked freshness. The artisans were, of course, very talented and had lovely items, but everything on display was overly familiar and nothing inspired a purchase. (Especially since we each own several pieces from many of the same artists.)

Leaving the mansion grounds, we next headed to the galleries and artisan shop at the Marblehead Arts Association at the King Hooper Mansion, diagonally across from the Lee. I purchased a sweet felted acorn necklace and a suet bird feeder with a kaleidoscope of colorful nesting materials. (Donna purchased a few items as well). We had a fun afternoon visiting a handful of shops, making a few more purchases, (a hat and gloves for me) and then called it an afternoon. 

The sun disappeared on my ride home -- I caught the best part of the day.