Thursday, December 22, 2022

2022 Coming to a close

Both boys home for the holidays
The weeks are just ticking by... it's hard to believe Christmas is just a few days away! Chip is home from Michigan for a two week break between semesters and it's good to hear the boys laughing in the house again.  

It's been hard to stay on track with any workouts and mindful eating through the holiday season... I haven't been to spin class in two weeks and I've been out off control with carbs and sugar. Hopefully I'll get back on track after the Christmas weekend. (I have good intentions.)

2023 kicks off with a run-walk-bike brunch with the girls, (the bike ride still a maybe) -- a few of us are running the Frosty Four in Salem while the rest do a trail walk or bike ride. Either walking or running, it looks like we've got some polar temps headed our way to start the new year. Brrrrr... 2023 is coming fast.