Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Winter road riding

Cold January
Clear dry streets (last Sunday) gave me a good chance to take the bike off the trainer and hit the road. I played that game where I told myself if the temps hit 30, after being in the teens and twenties all week long, that I'd head out for a ride. It took me almost as long to find my winter riding gear as it did to actually ride a quick loop of the neck, but I got out the door, which is half my battle on any winter ride or run. (Minus shoe covers. Couldn't find them).

As I rode the mostly empty streets through Marblehead, my shoe cleats woefully worn to the point where I wasn't actually clipped in, I vowed to do better next time. I haven't done a lot of road riding the last two years, choosing the mountain bike instead, but it was a good ride. 

I just ordered new cleats -- and have been searching for those shoe covers. A blizzard is on tap for the weekend, so I have time to replace those cleats before my next road ride. It looks like I may be snowshoeing more than riding into February anyway. It's been a slow grind.

Photographers off Devereux.
There was nothing out there but ocean