Tuesday, April 6, 2021

30 Days of Biking: Year 8, Week 1

I wasn't sure I'd be up for 30 Days of Biking this year -- and heading out on a rainy day on the first day of April didn't boost my enthusiasm -- but we're into the first week of my annual challenge and it's actually been enjoyable.

It's crazy to think back to a year ago, when we were under a shelter at home order, with so much uncertainty surrounding Covid-19. The boys were schooling at home, Mike was working in the dining room, and I kept my rides local, within a six mile bubble. Really, not a lot has changed in the last year -- I'm still masking up for my ride, and staying local -- but the anxiety of April 2020 has eased a bit. (Just a bit.) 

Let's give this another go. 30 Days of Biking... Year 8.

Day 1
A wet, gray start 30 Days of Biking

Day 2
Took a chilly detour by Pioneer Village, Salem

Salem circa 1630


Day 3
Glorious day! Had to do some crazy rock
climbing maneuvers to get this shot

Day 4
Sunrise Coffee Ride to the beach

Easter morning

Day 5
Windy light house loop

Day 6
Sunshine and rainbows today! Salem celebrates
LGBTQ Pride with colorful rainbow crosswalks.