Saturday, January 9, 2021

Week One, New Year, Much of the Same


Back on the bike

On Monday, January 4th, I felt good about getting a fresh start on the new year. My knee has vastly improved, and in fact, I'm feeling more discomfort in the non-surgical knee than I do in my newly repaired knee, which I guess is a good sign? (Ayiii worn cartilage.)

I started a low impact return to the bike, with 20 minute blocks on the trainer Monday through Wednesday, and then went for a 4 mile trail loop outside on Thursday. It felt good, although my fitness is just shot to hell. It's going to take several months to get my fitness back.

The week ended on an unsettling note – with record numbers of Covid deaths being recorded daily and political upheaval in Washington. It's frightening what's happening in this country. It's heartbreaking. 

Sometimes a week feels so long, and Monday was forever ago.