Thursday, December 10, 2020

Knee Surgery. Let's get it done

We've had a busy few weeks since the boys arrived home from college. Thanksgiving was here and gone in a flash, but not before doing damage to my better-eating goals. Good food, yummy desserts, and the overall  holiday vibe had me sending My Fitness Pal into hiatus. (A weekend of cookie baking didn't help much either, LOL) But that's ok. I'll get back on track after the holidays and surgery.

Our neighborhood, and today a piece of our yard, has been under construction to make way for the new Swampscott Rail Trail. It's been a contentious project in town, but we are trying to stay above the fray and maintain our optimism. It's hard to do sometimes -- and I admit to harboring some underlying bitterness over the process -- but that's a blog post for another time. Right now I'm just trying to block out the constant drone of big machinery outside our home, and impressed that the project is moving quickly. Today we saw our fence removed and the back end of our property scraped down -- but on the plus side, the town planted a new maple tree(!) in front of our house, (yay!), so I'm still floating on a happiness wave over that. There will be a new trail outside our door probably sooner than I can ride it.

My knee surgery is tomorrow -- a partial meniscectomy -- which I cannot even pronounce -- with some cartilage cleanup around the knee. (My time in the boot was extended just a little while longer, until a few weeks post-op). I made the mistake of looking at some photos online of the surgery and it's made me unsettled today. Ugh. Big mistake. Sometimes its better not knowing the details, right? Hopefully, the recovery will go quickly and I'll be back to running and more enjoyable rides in the new year. I might take this forced recovery time to plan out some bike adventures and a few race goals for 2021. A return to Alaska or Norway or someplace different could be cool.

 Surgery first. Let's get it done.