Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Coffeeneuring Ride 6, Maria's Java Sun


Sunny but cold for Coffeeneuring ride 6! The harbor is alway quiet and empty at this time of year, but especially more so during a pandemic. The docks were free of the usual afternoon fishing boats off-loading their catch and gear. (I did pass two masked fishermen hauling bait out of a pickup truck, but otherwise it was pretty desolate.)

I stopped for tea and a pastry at the newly reopened Java Sun, which closed last fall and was purchased by another well-established local business, Becky's Gourmet. Now Becky's Java Sun, the shop has a familiar but refreshed vibe from the previous café, but with very limited indoor seating due to the current Covid crisis. (Outdoor seating is available.) It was nice to see the return of an old favorite coffee destination -- I hope it does well.

Welcome back, Java Sun

Control Card Notes: 
Ride Number: 6
Date: 11/17/20
Mileage (total): 4
Location Name: Becky's Java Sun
Address: 35 Atlantic Avenue, Marblehead, Massachusetts 
Drink: Black tea with milk (and an apple turnover).
Ride note: I'm sad I've had to keep my rides short this year, but I've definitely enjoyed the brief coffee excursions I've been able to manage. Just one more ride to wrap up this year's Coffeeneuring challenge!