Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Coffeeneuring Ride 4, Around Town

Black Joe's Pond, Marblehead
Being in an Aircast boot has been a bit of a challenge this week, but I'm still managing to get things done. I considered abandoning my coffee rides due to the setback, but in all honesty my foot doesn't hurt when I ride, only when I walk, and at this point I can't really do more damage to the knee. (I have arthroscopic  knee surgery scheduled December 11th.) Therefore, Coffeeneuring 2020 continues -- because with a spiraling Covid crisis, a political shit show in Washington, and injuries nagging me, I need one good thing to focus on, and that's my bike and coffee.

The weather this week has been crazy warm. Seriously whacked. We had snow and temps in the teens last week, followed by several days of 70 degree weather. The leaves are starting to rain down in clusters and trees will soon be bare. I took an easy ride around town and stopped by Black Joe's Pond, near where I grew up. I learned to ice skate on this pond when I was a kid.

My coffee stop was at The Blue Canoe, where I had an iced cold brew coffee with a shot of white chocolate -- or a white iced mocha, if you will. It was surprisingly not sweet, yet tasty.

Easy miles today. I'm not even going to bother trying to get a road shoe on and will continue with the mountain bike for now. As soon as I got home from my ride, my foot went right back into the boot. No damage done.

Control Card Notes: 
Ride Number: 4
Date: 11/10/20
Mileage (total): 5.5
Location Name: The Blue Canoe
Address:  School Street,  Marblehead, Massachusetts 
Drink: Iced White Mocha Cold Brew 
Ride note: First ride since learning I have a chipped bone in my foot causing pain and swelling. Since it doesn't hurt when I ride, I removed the boot I've been in this past week for a casual townie ride. Keeping it simple.