Monday, October 12, 2020

Coffeeneuring Returns! One Good Thing

It's that time of year -- COFFEENEURING 2020! -- and I'm excited to get out on some coffee rides. ☕ My knee and foot injuries are still plaguing me, but I'm trying to ride through the pain. I've been unable to get a road cycling shoe on, (my foot still being jacked up), so I'm sticking with the mountain bike for a while with a wider hiking shoe. Today I packed up a Hydroflask with Trader Joe's Harvest Blend Tea and a Yeti Rambler and headed over to Lynn Woods. It was a perfect day! The temps were warm and the woods were surprisingly crowded for October, but nothing crazy. I noticed most people were wearing masks or had one readily available to pull up when needed. Very respectful.

I'm sticking to the wide fire roads for now as I'm not feeling quite ready for single track. But it's all good. The leaves are just starting to turn, with a few sugar maples already bursting with color. Yay, Fall!

Control Card Notes: 
Ride Number: 1 
Date: 10/11/20 
Mileage (total): 5.5 
Location Name: Coffee Shop Without Walls 
Address: Lynn Woods, Lynn, Massachusetts 
Drink: Trader Joe's Harvest Blend Tea 
Ride notes: Warm day, folliage is just starting to turn, surprised to find a crowded parking lot.