Monday, March 30, 2020

Social distancing means physical distancing

Short and socially distant
We are now 19 days into self-isolation due to Covid-19. The state is under a recommended shelter-at-home order, (mandatory here in town), with an exception for essentials -- including trips to the grocery store for food and pharmacy items, and limited outdoor recreation. In 19 days, I've only gone out a few times. Most days are spent indoors reading or doing household tasks. Some, (ok, most), days are spent in my pajamas.

I managed to get out for a quick ride on Thursday and was shocked to see crowds of people walking the beach, or congregated in the parking lot, as if life were normal and this was just an extended holiday. Few were adhering to the six-foot recommended "physical distancing" guidelines. Ugh. People! Seriously!

We are getting rain for the next week (plus) which means fewer people will be out and about. I'm hoping to regain some motivation to get out for a short run. These have been endless days.

Six Feet, Minimum