Saturday, October 26, 2019

Lincoln’s Landing for Coffeeneuring #3

Lincoln’s Landing.
Best breakfast and coffee and people in town.
Lincoln’s Landing, Swampscott, Massachusetts.
I picked up my bike from Centraal Cycle yesterday and went for a spin around town today, planning to meet Mike for coffee/lunch at Lincoln’s Landing. It was nice to have gears again — Centraal Cycle did a great job. (I’ll replace the chain in the Spring, again. Sigh.)

I arrived at Lincoln’s Landing before Mike, and walked inside to add my name to the wait list. I walked maybe five feet into the cozy little place when both cleated feet slipped right out from under me. I landed hard on my tail on the slick wooden floor, taking out the table to my right in the process. I mean, take out. A complete wipe-out. Coffee (or was it cocoa?), plates, mugs, cutlery, all went crashing to the floor.

Oh my god. I was so mortified. The women next to me were stunned. Every diner stared at me, asking if I was ok. Kids were wide-eyed horrified. What a mess. I couldn’t even stand up, my shoes kept slipping, until I had the sense to remove them. I apologized profusely. I’m sure my face was beet red. Everyone was really gracious, especially the two women whose table I’d destroyed and the lovely cafe staff who cleaned up the mess. I laughed at myself and begged everyone not to tell my husband what happened when he arrived. 

(Obviously, I paid for the women’s breakfast.)

Mike arrived and I pretended nothing happened, but he knew something was up, so I confessed. We had a nice coffee-lunch date despite my atrocity, and the coffee was really good. (It’s a fabulous place.)

I took my time heading home, stopping by Muskrat Pond on the way. The fall colors are still quite spectacular. It was a beautiful day for a ride — although I’m sure I will be quite sore later today. Ouch.

Oh! I love bittersweet! So pretty!
Muskrat Pond.
Home to ducks, opossums, foxes, and coyotes.