Saturday, May 4, 2019

April went too fast. April dragged on.

First mile in new Hokas at Ferry Field, Univ. of Michigan
Hard to believe it’s already May and we’re just eight weeks away from Alaska 2019. The time is passing too quickly and I’m getting a little anxious about my training. The weather this spring has been miserably wet and cold and not at all friendly for hiking. My ambitious plan to open up the cottage early and spend some time up north was overly ambitious. Vermont was still getting snow in mid-April.

As much as it flew, April also dragged at times, with those cold, rainy, gray days making my commitment to 30 Days of Biking almost tortuous. I was happy to do it for Will, who enjoys seeing my daily photos from the road, but I’m so glad to have that challenge behind me.

Another year, done! Will is home for the summer.
I took a break from training to head out to Michigan to get Will for the summer, (a three day road trip), and now it’s back to training! I’m starting to semi-enjoy running and have hit the five mile mark on each of my long runs the last two weeks, which I never thought possible. Following my training plan, I’ll be increasing that mileage by +1 mile weekly between now and June 16. I’m still ridiculously slow but my main focus is on endurance. I may not get a chance to improve my speed over the next 8 weeks, but I’ll work on that after Alaska.

I’m afraid May might pass quicker than April.