Sunday, April 21, 2019

Vacation Week Errandonee

Errandonnee #3 to the pet shop to get Rigby some treats
It’s been a challenge riding daily for 30 Days of Biking while also training for Alaska. My legs often feel like lead the day after a run and it takes a lot of energy to gear up for a ride. I added The Errandonee into the mix to spice things up, giving me a purpose for some of my low-key rides. It may be a challenge I can’t finish.

It's Vacation Week! To date, I’ve completed the following tasks for The Errandonee. (Categories noted.) I don’t know if I’ll get all 12 by Tuesday, April 23, but we’ll see.
Errandonnee 1: April 12. Ride to the school to drop something off at the front office. (7 miles)  Category: School. (Observed on my ride: Boston Tow Boat dragging one of the SHS sailing team boats capsized during the week.)
Errandonnee 2: April 13. Plum Island Ride to the ice cream shop for an iced coffee. (1 mile) Category: Non-store. (Seen on my ride: Herons on the salt water marshes.)
Errandonnee 3: April 14: Pet shop to pick up treats for the dog and pharmacy for various items. Category: Store (10 miles) (Note: Took a detour to the pier to check the harbor.)
Errandonnee 4: April 15: Taco Ride with Chip. Category: Social (5 miles) (Noted on my ride: That my son has ordered the same burrito for the last three years.)
Errandonnee 5: April 18: Ride to CVS to pick up Cadbury mini eggs to replace the bag I ate. Category: You carried what? (5 miles)  (Noted: Took a ride through the neighborhood I grew up in. Looks the same.)
Errandonnee 6: April 20: Ride along the coast to map the route for my five mile run on Sunday. Category: Personal Care (10 miles) (Observed on my ride: A pretty rough surf caused by a coastal storm offshore.)
Errandonnee #4, Taco Ride with Chip
Errandonnee #5, replacing the mini eggs I ate.