Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Errandonee Final Days

Errandonnee #7. “You carried what?” Pastries.
The final days of The Errandonnee were cold and rainy, but with determination to finish the challenge, I continued on. I banged out four errands by bike on rainy Earth Day, which was rather symbolic as I’d have normally driven by car given the weather.
Errandonnee 7: April 21. To the bakery to get pastries for Easter. (4 miles) Category: Baked goods. "You carried what?" 
Errandonnee 8 & 9: April 22. To the Post Office and Town Hall. (2 miles) Category: Personal Business (Mailed a package at the post office and completed an absentee ballot application for Will at town hall.)
Errandonnee 10: April 22: To the vet to pick up allergy meds for Rigby Category: Non-Store (5 miles) (During my ride: Stopped by Swampscott Pier to take a photo for 30 Days of Biking.)
Errandonnee 11: April 22: Trip to the market to pick up limes and scallions for dinner. Pad thai is on the menu. Category: Store (1 mile) (Observed on my ride: Ran into my dad.)
Errandonnee 12: April 23: Delivered flowers to my sister for her birthday. Only one got a little crushed. Category: Wild Card (5 miles)
Errands 8-11, Post office, town hall, vet and market
Delivering flowers to my sister. Alas, she wasn't home.
12 for 12 on this Spring’s Errandonne. I believe I met the category requirements. I certainly overshot the mileage. (All rides, of course, recorded on Strava).

Mission Accomplished.