Monday, March 4, 2019

March is in like a lion, as always

Snowshoe adventures at Appleton Farms

So, February was a whole lotta nothing as far as training goes. The gains I made in January were pretty much negated during February... but what can you do except keep moving forward. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   After checking in with my girlfriends for advice on jumping back into a training plan for Alaska, I’m now focused on a solid plan. (You would think after years of doing this on the bike, and then coaching, I would be better at managing my own training, but running and cycling are just not the same and I want to do it right.

My first concern is, of course, avoiding injury. I’ve had lower back soreness and occasional (horrific) back pain flare-ups of unknown origin this past year. (I have some suspicions of what could be causing my back pain, but nothing pinpointed.) I’ve also had knee/IT band issues from ramping up my miles too fast.

So the next four weeks are base building, followed by 12 weeks of Hal Higdon’s half-marathon training program at Training Peaks. Credit goes to Mary for laying out a good running plan for me, with nods to Alison, Ruth, Lila, Lisa, Amy and Jennifer, who all chimed in with similar thoughts..

After a snowy, gray Saturday, we woke up to sunshine yesterday morning and a promising window of opportunity for some snowshoeing before the next storm! My sister Heather and I strapped on the MSRs and snow hiked at Appleton Farms in Hamilton. It was a fun and challenging workout that left me feeling a little creaky today. Fortunately, the new training plan starting today begins with a REST DAY!! (Phew!) 

Oh, wait. Scratch that. We had over a foot of heavy snow last night and I just spent 2 and 1/2 hours shoveling. (Bring on the Advil.)


Welcome to March.