Monday, December 24, 2018

30 Days of Biking, Year Five (Week 4)

April 22
When you take a header over the handlebars and smash your face on the pavement, this kid will look past the blood to reassure you that your teeth are still (relatively) intact. Love this boy.

April 23, Spring is here!
April 24, Lynn Woods MTB
April 25 (pic 1), after a 14 hour drive to Ann Arbor, I
 made it to the Diag by midnight
April 25 (pic 2), A midnight spin with Will around the UMich campus
April 26, Road Trip! (pic 1) Presque Isle, Erie PA
April 26, Road Trip! (pic 2) Presque Isle sunset, Erie PA
April 27, Late ride after long day of driving, PA to MA
April 28, Salem MA
April 29, Fort and back
April 30, Thirty Days of Biking ended with dropped soup in the rain