Monday, December 24, 2018

2018 Comes to an End

We are approaching the New Year (!)... and a semi update to the blog, from which I took a hiatus in 2018, is long overdue. I hope to post more frequently in the coming year.

Wrapping up 2018, I have to say it was a good one both personally and "professionally". I continued coaching our athletes at Indoor Ride, helping them reach their cycling goals throughout the year.

Sadly, we closed the training studio at the end of November due to several factors, including lease issues and changes in the owner's personal life. We had an amaaaazzzing 2 year run --- I really had a blast -- so the last few weeks since closing the studio have been a little sad. I'm no longer seeing my favorite athletes on a daily basis, coaching them through intervals or mixed terrain, although I'm doing my best to stay in touch virtually. (Cycling and comm apps Zwift and Discord are helping.)

Indoor Ride, Nov. 21, 4:45 a.m.
Opening the studio to coach my final Intervals session.

I started 2018 with a back injury, which wasn't a good start -- but I managed to get through the Disney 10K in Florida with the help of great friends. Also in January, I started working with professional cyclist Crystal Anthony tackling an eating disorder that had been plaguing me for a few years. I probably never would have sought help in this area if I hadn't been coaching my own athletes and realized that I needed some help in this area! I'm happy to say that after a year of mindful, focused nutrition, I've gotten my health back on track, and grateful to Crystal for all of her help.

Walt Disney World 10K, January 2018

Thirty Days of Biking, Year 5, was a cold, wet punishment. It always is. Somehow, I forget this factor every March when I'm anxious to get out on the road again and eager to sign on for the April challenge. I managed to ride every day in April, with encouragement from the boys, who joined me for a few rides themselves, including Will in Ann Arbor, where I hauled the bikes out to Michigan to ride with him before midnight on Day 27 of the challenge.

Unfortunately, also during 30 Days of Biking, I had a rather spectacular crash on a night ride with Chip, where I went over the handlebars, head first into the pavement, and smashed my face and broke two teeth. It took several weeks of dental work to repair the teeth, and for an injured hand to heal, but heal I did and I only have a small scar on my upper lip remaining to remind me not to brake hard with my left hand.

Bruises heal, bones mend, and teeth can be fixed.
Photos from Instagram follow, catching up on the year now ending. 2018 was a fantastic one -- I'm already excited for 2019.