Monday, January 2, 2017


New goals, new training, new adventures ahead! In a departure from how I've spent New Year's Day for the past several years, I started 2017 not on the bike but running the Wicked Frosty Four with the girls -- Lila, Kristen, Alison, Jennifer, Amy R, Amy SC, Ruth, Mary and Craig (who, well, is not a girl). Four miles through Salem on a gorgeous, sunny-but-windy day. Ack... running is still hard for me. They all finished well ahead of me, but 4 miles was my longest run to date, and I'm not disappointed. I ran a 13.30 pace... and well, there's room for improvement in 2017.

(Cheers to the tribe for waiting at the finish line for me, and to Lila and Alison for doubling back after their finish to find me and run the last quarter mile with me. That was sweet. I have awesome friends.)

The year is off to a good start, and I'm laying out my goals for the year ahead, not yet certain whether I'll be repping Vanderkitten in 2017, but will be ready to move on if that chapter has closed. I'm excited to see where the next opportunity takes me.  2016 was an off year, and not entirely successful, but I enjoyed the break from training and especially enjoyed the adventure rides I had with Chip, so it was good in the long run. I needed it. Now I'm itching to tackle something new, ready to set some goals and see where things go. It's going to be a good year.