Sunday, July 24, 2016

Up the Coast to Maine

On the road in Rye, New Hampshire

We joined the Cyclopaths on Saturday for the annual TriState Cohen Classic to Nubble Lighthouse. I overslept for the 6:30 a.m. start in Hampton, but Chip and I hustled quickly and drove up to New Hampshire in time to catch Donna, Brenda and Kathy on the road. (We drove to Rye, NH and biked down the coast towards Hampton, meeting them en route. Smart!)

We caught up to Brenda, Kathy and Donna on the road

We had a fantastic ride in the morning, passing gorgeous beaches and marshes along the way. Breakfast was in Portsmouth at Cafe Espresso before we crossed into Maine towards Kittery and York. Brenda, riding with a broken wrist and a newly acquired recumbent bike, had difficulty keeping up with the gang despite the slow pace (8-10 mph), and opted to turn around in Kittery while four of us continued on to the lighthouse. We had rolling hills and smoothly paved roads for the stretch between Kittery and York, making it a fun ride.

Chip helps Brenda with her recumbent wheel
Kathy, Donna, Me, and Chip at Nubble Lighthouse
Chip's longest ride, 65 miles

Heading back through Kittery on the way home, and despite eating scrambled eggs, a full belgian waffle, bacon, sausage, homefries, toast, and an iced chai for breakfast, Chip was sad when we passed Lil's Bakery and didn't stop! Lucky for him, we pulled over to a minimart to grab a cold drink, and he snagged himself a slushie. (Of course.)

Taking a slurpie break

The return trip was a bit of a challenge, as temperatures hit the 90's and added beach traffic was a nuisance, but it was a nice ride. In our mad dash to leave the house, I left our Garmins at home. Knowing Chip likes to know our mileage, I started the Strava App on my phone... but it killed my battery on the long, slowwww ride. (Bummer.) Based on the mileage everyone else had, I estimated ours at 65 miles. Chip's longest ride! 

A fun day, despite the heat.

Hot hot hot!
A great ride!