Thursday, June 16, 2016

Another trip to the DL

My 5K plans are on hold for a few weeks while I recover from a (self-diagnosed) calf strain. Last Friday, (June 10) I felt a tightness in my calf as I headed out for my run, thinking it would be fine once I got going. At .6 miles, my calf seized up, rippled, and popped. OMG. Painful. I had to limp home.

It's been almost a week, and I'm still hobbling around, barely able to climb the stairs, but actually able to ride my bike. Huh. I've discovered that I don't use my calf muscles at all when riding -- Just my quads. Who knew? Maybe that's why I have huge calves... they never get a workout!

So, I'm in recovery mode as I give my right calf muscle a rest -- likely another 1-2 weeks. I'll get back to running ASAP. 

Yes, I know this is, like, the third injury I've had in the last year... a few people have pointed that out to me. Can I just mention that maybe, just maybe, an occasional injury comes with the territory of being ACTIVE?!

(Previous thoughts deleted.)

Fortunately, I'm able to ride despite my injured calf. Last Saturday was a slow-paced breakfast ride to Manchester with the Cyclopaths, and a few short rides around the neck on Monday and Tuesday. I've also been able to get some trail rides in too, and had fun introducing two of my SpiderOne teammates to off-road adventures last night at Lynn Woods. Fun stuff!

Michelle loves off-road! Her first venture on a new MTB.
Chasing the sun. Night ride at Lynn Woods