Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 3, 30 Days of Biking, It's a cardio day

Snow was falling steadily this morning as I headed out on my bike for Christine Hopkins' cardio class. I didn't get very far from the house before it hit me that I left a lock at home and had to turn around. On my second trip out, I rode a mile before realizing I left dry clothes and sneakers in a backpack at home. OMG. This 30 Days of Biking jaunt wasn't easy!!

Heading out a third time, the snow was falling heavily at this point and I couldn't see, but I made it to the Y and climbed the hill as quick as I could on the MTB in the slush, my lungs dying. Walking into the Y, covered in snow, gasping for breath, with mascara running down my face (unbeknownst to me), I asked the front desk for a locker key to quickly change into dry clothes. No one mentioned I looked like a biker zombie from the snowpocalypse, but that's ok. They were being polite. :)

I quickly changed, washed my face, and felt the first twinge of a calf cramp as I ran up the stairs to Christine's class -- late. OMG, I was already exhausted.

Ten minutes later, my heart still racing from the ride, my right calf full-on cramping, I just couldn't keep up. I'm sure Christine wanted to call me out for my lameness, (I couldn't even hold a plank), but I got to class as I'd promised myself I would, and I got in my ride at the same time... though sometimes killing two birds with one stone is an act of insanity