Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 26, 30 Days of Biking, Town elections, coffee, and beating the rain

A stop at Red Steps on Marblehead Harbor

On the cusp of a long day of wet weather, I headed out early while the streets were still dry -- my radar app indicating that I had an hour window to ride before the deluge. First stop, the polls, where town elections were underway. In a small town, you'll run into a half dozen people you know, and so it takes you 30 minutes to cast a simple vote. Stopping to say hello to friends and chit chatting about whatever (mostly kids), my internal voice was saying, "c'mon, c'mon... the rain is coming..." but my heart was saying, "Eh. So what if you end up riding in the rain." (I do love our small town.)

Ballot cast, and still racing the rain, I headed to Marblehead to loop through Old Town with a quick stop at Java Sun for a coffee-to-go on my way back to Swampscott. As I hit Beach Bluff, rain drops started falling... and I made it home just in time.

The only bit of sun I saw on this gray day #javasun
Don Hause and Patrick Jones eventual winners for town selectmen