Saturday, April 23, 2016

Day 23, 30 Days of Cycling, The Breakfast Ride

Rainy day puddle selfie

Donna and I kicked off the 42nd year of The North Shore Cyclopaths on Saturday in the rain, just the two of us. I had a feeling that no one else would be waiting for us at our meeting spot when we headed over to Salem together, but was committed to riding anyway. (I had sent the word out mid-week that we were riding -- most of the responses I received were, "It's still cold. See you in May." LOL)

There was once a time when 20-30 riders would pile out of Salem for a forty mile ride to Gloucester in barely-above-freezing temps... but those days have since passed. Many riders have moved from the area or retired from riding, and the numbers of active riders have dwindled each year. (Sigh).

Still, Donna and I ventured out in the rain and stopped at The Omelet Headquarters for breakfast. Hopefully a few more Cyclopaths will be joining us in the coming weeks.