Sunday, March 13, 2016

A New Day, 24 HOP (Continued), Rise and Shine

Catching the sunrise with Addie atop the rock drop

Addie and I walked down to the hub of 24 Hour Town, grabbed some coffee, and climbed up the rocks overlooking the rock drop to catch the sunrise. So amazing. Really. Just watching the sun come up, catching an occasional racer speed below us as they headed for the drop, breathing in the desert air... So spectacular. It made me appreciate being there. Thank you, Addie, for the beautiful start to the day.
Early morning at the rock drop

We returned to camp an hour later to find everyone up and Eric getting ready to ride. Almost 2 hours have passed since Addie left the baton at the exchange tent. C'est la vie. It's a new day.

Good morning, Eric!

We have time to get 2 or 3 more laps in. Since teams must finish after 12 pm on Sunday to avoid being penalized with a DNF, we agree that Eric and Wil will each take a lap, and I'll take the last lap to finish us out after 12 pm.

Addie and Dan packed up to head out, hoping to get an early jump on the drive back to Arkansas, (while staying updated on the race via text), followed shortly thereafter by Shannon, who must catch an afternoon flight to Seattle. Camp Kitty is shrinking.

Eric finishes his lap at 9:20 and Wil at 10:45. Our final lap comes up, and Michelle and Sandrine join me for a VK team ride of the course. I take the handoff from Wil, give him a hug, and head out with the girls. It's time for me to take my turn.