Wednesday, March 16, 2016

24HOP, Many Thanks, Great Team

VK Team 2016 (missing a few)
Sandrine, Lisa, Ami, Tam, Lynda, Addie, Michelle & Jennifer

Of course I have mega love for my incredible teammates... riders Sandrine McFadden, Addie Teo, Michelle French, Shannon Hogan, Jennifer Hanson, Wil Matthews, and Eric Alikpala...

...But also for our amazing support crew; Ami Weiss, Lynda Edoff, Colin Hennesey and Dan Lysak; (Plus VK Lisa Mach and Anthony V.). All were a crucial part of this team effort. The Taj Mahal tent, air mattress, fire pit, disco lights, Bloody Marys, bike mechanic services, and so much more... and OMG camp set-up and breakdown... It was all so immensely appreciated. Thank you, VK Crew, so very, very much!

Thank you Ami Weiss (in blue VK) for the amazing crew support!!