Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year, Making it Count

It's the last day of 2015... which is so hard to believe. With my partner-in-crime Chipper enjoying the sun and fun in San Diego with his aunt Kathy, I was left to my own devices today at Bradley Palmer State Park. Snowfall a few days ago reminded me that it really is winter, but thankfully today was a gloriously mild day for a fantastic ride in the woods. I LOVE MY NEW BIKE. I really do.

I kept trying to remember all of the advice I've been given over these past few months about trail riding -- and Rebecca's words of wisdom for riding in the snow kept popping in my head. "Let the bike go, it wants to ride over everything", "Ease up on the brakes", "Handle those brakes like baby birds."

Baby birds, baby birds.... I think I killed those baby birds... but by the end of my ride, I was finally easing up on the brakes.

Riding in the snow/slush/ice is tough. (Which is why they make specific bikes for the snow, (ahem, fat bikes), which Mike would die if I ever mentioned that I needed another bike for snow... Hahaha...) Fortunately, the snow wasn't really too deep for riding -- It just made it a great and challenging workout.

Today was a super fun day on the Kona and an awesome way to close out 2015. (I'm hoping for a repeat tomorrow.)

Happy New Year!