Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Fun

Chip's longest ride to date... a 22 mile loop through Beverly, Manchester and Magnolia. He's doing great on the road bike and enjoys beating me on the hills. Gotta love it.

Rides this summer have largely been Garmin-free, unless he reminds me to take it. Since I haven't been training for anything this summer I don't feel the need to record mileage, route or speed... but Chippy wants to know details. "How fast are we going?" "What mileage are we at?" He's anxious to know the stats.

EOD friends were in town over the weekend and gave me a little push to start training for an October ride in California in honor of Kevin. I wish I were riding, but at this point in the summer, I know I can't pull it off. I've been enjoying this carefree summer a little too much.