Saturday, June 20, 2015

Breakfast Ride: Magnolia

We had just a few riders on Saturday for the Cyclopath Breakfast Ride -- Mike, Paul, Joan, Donna and myself. We headed to Manchester and the Beach Street Cafe for a great breakfast and many laughs. The combination of Mike, Paul and Donna is always a fun one, and I haven't smiled that much on a ride in a long time.

Leaving the cafe, Arlene rode by, at first not seeing us until Paul yelled a little louder. (Hahahaha... Paul!) She stopped and joined us for a photo op at Singing Beach, before continuing on her ride to Essex.

The breakfast ride is starting to get back to the way it was years ago -- a casual, conversational paced ride where stories and laughs are shared along the way -- reminding me of the Sam and Manny days. There are still a few riders who insist on making the ride about them -- their distance, their pace, rolling their eyes at the regrouping and looking at their watches to check the time when waiting for a slower rider -- but there's been less of that lately and I love it. Hopefully this trend will continue.