Sunday, May 10, 2015

Another Cold Breakfast Ride

I'm still waiting for the day I don't have to wear tights and a thermal jacket on the breakfast ride. Like last Saturday, the Cyclopath ride got off to a chilly, damp start. Brrrrr. Only three of us showed up... Joan, Arlene and I... and at the rate we are going, I'm wondering if the season might not happen for the North Shore Cyclopaths this year. (Arlene asked if I'd be happy or sad, and I really couldn't answer.) 

Only two of us have been showing up consistently week after week -- sometimes it's just the two of us -- Joan and I -- and I'm on the fence about sticking things out. On one hand, I made a promise to Sam to keep things going... but on the other, it just hasn't been the same without him.

We rode to Hamilton on Saturday for a nice breakfast ride to Henderson's, (back under it's original ownership). It was a cold ride, for sure, but as we left Hamilton, the sun began to peek out as we headed back towards Salem. Hopefully a few more Cyclopaths will join us next weekend. Fingers crossed.