Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 6, 30 Days of Biking: To the Fort and Back

Tonight's ride was a slow out-and-back through Marblehead to Fort Sewall, poking down the quieter side roads near the harbor, stopping to watch some frostbite sailing from State Street Landing. It was damp and chilly tonight. Brrrrr....

Physical therapy continues on my shoulder... and it's going fair. I've noticed my PT isn't really into it, not very focused on my injury, and likes to watch TV while working on my shoulder. (Ummm... o.k?) After less than a half hour of PT today, she stated I was "done" and sent me on my way without icing my shoulder. (Which I did the previous three visits. Did she forget? Or was it not needed? I wasn't sure.) 

On a positive note, I haven't had any pain or soreness after a bike ride, (yay!), and my range-of-motion has been improving -- although by the end of the day I'm often reaching for an icepack and some ibuprofen. I still can't pull my arm out to the left, or up behind my head to put my hair in a ponytail, etc., but I'm getting there. I just need a little more patience. (Not my strength.)