Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day 4: 30 Days of Biking, Adventuring

What started out as a partly cloudy, cool day turned into a sunny afternoon with very strong wind -- ooooh tough for riding!!

Starting in Beverly, I made my way up to Manchester with a tailwind and continued on towards White Beach before a strong wind gust literally knocked me over. WOW. That was unexpected. I hadn't planned to push my mileage too far, so I stopped at the beach, fixed my bike, and turned around to fight the headwind on the return trip. I took my favorite back road route, which is quite beat up from the rough winter. The pothole riddled road, coupled with the strong wind, forced me to slow down and just chill out. Nice and easy.

I saw a deer standing in the woods, could hear dozens of chirping birds, and caught sight of a few waterfalls along the way... things I don't often catch when I'm riding. It was a great afternoon, despite the spill, the strong winds, and the beat up roads. (A low-key 20 miles.) I love those kind of rides.